Sovaq Woodworm Killer 1L


Eradication and prevention of all wood boring insect attack in both hard and soft woods.Concentrated quick drying micro-emulsion

Category: Timber Treatment

Sovereign Sovaq Woodworm Killer a concentrated quick drying micro-emulsion for use to eradicate and prevent all wood boring insect attack in both hard and soft woods. This product is supported under the European Biocidal product regulation (528/2012). Once diluted with water the product is applied by brush or course sprayer.

Benefits and features

  • 1L of concentrate makes 25L
  • BPR Compliant
  • Kills active Woodworm, Larvae and its Eggs
  • Prevents Infestation of all wood boring insects
  • High strength Formulation (0.25% insecticide once diluted)
  • Water Based Micro emulsion formulation for deeper penetration
  • Solvent Free low odour
  • Approved for use in bat roosts by national regulatory bodies* *must contact SNCO prior to application*

Product Safety


  • May cause an allergic skin reaction
  • Causes serious eye damage
  • Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects


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