Pro Stick White – Case of 12 x 290cc Cartridges


Universally applicable elastic construction adhesive and sealant with excellent bond and sealing properties. Resistant against temperature, sea water and UV.

Category: Adhesives, Construction, Hey'di Tanking System, Sealants & Mastic


Sovereign Pro-Stick is a universally applicable elastic construction adhesive and sealant, based on MS-Polymer.

Sovereign Pro-Stick adheres without primer on many solid, dry, clean, dust and grease free substrates, such as metals, glass, primed or painted wood, UPVC, glazed surfaces, masonry and brick, epoxy and polyester. Pro-Stick contains no solvents or isocyanates. It has excellent UV and weathering resistance and does not cause corrosion in metal connections. There is no annoying smell during application and after curing. Cures under influence of air humidity to a permanent elastic rubber with good ageing properties. Temperature resistance from -40°C to above 100°C. Compatible with most conventional paint systems. Resistant to sea water.

Benefits and Features

  • Excellent Bond and Sealing properties
  • Temperature resistant
  • Sea water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Used in conjunction with the Hey’di K11 system

Product Safety

  • Contains Trimethoxyvinylsilane & Octadecanoic acid, 12-hydroxy-,reaction products with ethylenediamine. May produce an allergic reaction
  • Safety data sheets available on request


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