Mould Control Pack


Silexine Mould Control Pack. Range of products to eradicate mould on internal surfaces. Easy application

Category: Anti-Mould Treatment, Mould Treatments & Anti-Mould Paint

The Silexine Mould Control Pack contains Dentolite sterilising wash concentrate for removing black mould and sterilising the surface, and two pots of Mould Eradication Additive for mixing into emulsion paint to prevent the return of mould, together with various ancillary application items. The wash and additive are easy and safe to use and will provide effective protection against mould growth.

The pack provides enough materials to treat up to 40m² of walls and ceilings, adequate for most mould growth outbreaks.

The Sovereign Mould Control Pack is part of our broad range of condensation control products including Positive Input Ventilation systems, Passive Vapour Vents and other special coatings.

Our renowned Fungi-Chek ready mixed paints are the ideal decorative treatment for any black mould outbreak, large or small.

The full range of innovative and effective products is available from our merchant partners or online.

Benefits and features

  • Range of products to eradicate mould on internal surfaces
  • Used in conjunction with Sovereign range of Anti-Condensation Paints
  • Easy application

Product Safety


  • Causes severe skin burns and eye damage
  • Very toxic to aquatic life
  • Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects


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