Salt Neutraliser 5 Litre


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Category: Damp Proofing

No More Damp Salt Neutraliser is an aqueous solution based on Ethanoic Acid with a surfactant. It has been specifically developed to overcome the problem of salts in mineral building surfaces. Rising damp causes salts contained in ground water to be absorbed into the masonry and, subsequently. into the interior plaster coat. The plaster work can loosen and must be removed in order to carry out treatment with Ultracure Damp-proofing Cream and Salt Neutraliser, followed by replastering with an appropriate salt resistant product, such as No More Damp Renovation Plaster or Renderproof, to prevent further damage. In some situations where the type of salts within the masonry are such that the plasterwork remains in good condition, Salt Neutraliser can be applied directly to the original plaster, removing the immediate need for replastering.


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